April 16, 2010

Old Books, New Science in action

This semester I've been taking a course on book history and its relationship to the current rise of digital technologies. For the most part it's been a fun, eye-opening seminar that has significantly influenced the way I approach literary texts. Of course, I could spell all of this out; but thanks to our professor's oddly original idea for the class' final exam (a collaborative paper on a Wiki page), I can simply present a link and let you see for yourself.
Ladies and gentlemen: "Old Books, New Science!"
Thus far, I have contributed most of what falls under the heading "Form and Content," and have added a paragraph or two on Roland Barthes (and the relationship between modern notions of authorship and the need for authority in early modern print culture) to the section on "Accessibility and Mystery."

Overall it's been an interesting experience. I've never really had an opportunity to write a collaborative essay and it's amazing how easily it can be done via the wiki we're using. It reminds me a lot of blogging.

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