April 11, 2010

odds and ends

Two new reviews in Stylus! (follow the links)

Retribution Gospel Choir - 2
Quite a good album, this one. And I'm not simply basing it on their fantastic band name. Sounds like Soundgarden crossed with Low.

Jookabox - Dead Zone Boys
Especially good if you have a thing for zombies, the end times, or Nine Inch Nails.

I'm flying to Arizona at the end of the month to visit my grandparents. Coincidentally, I've become totally obsessed with Gillian Welch's now classic album, Time (The Revelator), and its predecessor Hell Among the Yearlings. There's something very comforting and weirdly apocalyptic about Welch's Americana. Nothing quite captures the dust bowl like the banjo-twang of songs like "My First Lover" and the beaten-down spiritual, "Rock of Ages." Here's a video for the title track from Time (The Revelator). Best not to watch it if you're easily depressed.


  1. That's an awesome song/video.

    Kind of reminds me of the darkness of "Spill Yer Lungs."

  2. This song was always a big hit at CMU coffee houses back in the day. Jon you're getting me all nostalgic.

  3. Jeff you should know by now, I only deal in nostalgia.