October 12, 2009

Hey, it's the world's favourite band (first and third world, and everybody in between)! They have such wide appeal that Bono and the Edge don't know what to do with themselves. Over at cokemachineglow, they ran an article about a father and son who embark on the "greatest concert spectacle ever." U2! People are finally starting to pay attention. They just made it on the cover of Rolling Stone. They're gonna be famous!

It's an awesome cover too, because it looks like they used a macbook to superimpose these guys onto a stock background so they're in space! I think I see Saturn floating above the Edge's beanie. And Bono so obviously wants to rock, with his fist in the air like that. He's all "yaaa!" and the Edge is serious, because he's a real musician. I saw him in a movie with Jack White and Jimmy Page where they talk about themselves and how they play with their massive libidos...oops, I mean, guitars.

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