June 9, 2009

stop making sense

The new issue of Stylus has finally arrived. Be sure to check out Jeff Friesen's write-up on Grizzly Bear and their new album Veckatimest (which, apart from the new Dirty Projectors album, is practically all I'm listening to) and his interview with the Sea and Cake, who will be hitting Winnipeg later this month to headline Jazz Fest.

There's plenty of new music to get excited about these days and one album that I fear may be unfairly overlooked is Here We Go Magic's eponymous debut, which came out a few months back. It's a richly textured album that rewards repeated listens, but one song in particular is an absolute stunner. "Tunnelvision" starts out humbly (perhaps around a campfire), but before you know it the song envelopes you. Part stream-of-consciousness, part trance, "Tunnelvision's" pulsating rhythm and the chaos it conjures are hard to get out of your head. The song begins innocently and evolves into something totally dangerously closed off, even schizophrenic. "Tunnelvision" follows a process of estrangement: from the familiar to the frightening. Memory can be so disorienting.

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