February 14, 2013

Among the greatest love songs...

...there's this gem by The Replacements:

...and this ballad by Bonnie "Prince" Billy:

...and this dreamy number by Beach House:

...and how could I forget Chad VanGaalen, who has at least half a dozen beauties per album:


  1. ah man, I didn't know that "Androgynous" was originally done by The Replacements. That song always reminds me of Enos and Elaine. And, while I am reminiscing about past projects, I watched the trailer for Spring Breakers and they coined our phrase, Spring Break Forever.

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  3. Yeah, I've been a on huge Replacements kick lately. That song gets me every time. Also, I think there should be a Docetist-sponsored Spring Breakers viewing at some point.

  4. I was thinking that too - if we are all in the same city, what fun it would be to watch it. But, then I watched the trailer and it was so disturbing, it's not the spring break the Docetist's envisioned at all. There's an odd review on it in the Globe and Mail with a very academic take. If you the patience or the interest to slug through it, check it out: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/film/why-spring-breakers-is-the-only-american-movie-that-matters-right-now/article10560010/