March 15, 2012

Comix! View from the East returns with Vol. IV

In the off chance that you've actually come across earlier "issues" of View from the East, you may remember that this comic strip is a collaboration between a former roommate (DeLayne) and myself: we write it together and share illustration duties. Originally published in our college newspaper, these narratives are based on our experience living together in Winnipeg (2009-2010), a year after completing our undergrad degrees. In case you'd like to peruse our previous episodes, here are links to Volume 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3 for your viewing pleasure.

Last month DeLayne trained out to Edmonton and paid me a visit. I happened to have a rough draft from the "old days" sitting in my accordion file, awaiting completion. We decided to revise and supplement it with an episode from his visit. The second part ("The Local Food Fetish") is based on DeLayne's recent visit to Edmonton and, I think, puts the first ("The Ascetic Nightmare") in perspective. We've come so far.

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