February 23, 2010

grad school bound (cont.)

Over the next couple weeks I'll have to make some tough decisions. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've applied to number of graduate programs. So far I've heard back from two out of three schools (for the record, they are University of Alberta, University of Victoria, and University of Ottawa). Those that have responded have asked that I give them an answer by the second week of March. This is all to say that grad school has been on my mind a lot lately - which is why I was so happy to find this clip from the Simpsons (recently posted on F&T).

It's nice to see what I'm setting myself up for.

1 comment:

  1. My two cents.
    I think grad school requires two traits: finding inspiration in solitary pursuits and being willing to professionalize one's passions. If you can do those, good on you. If you can't... well... after two and a half years I guess I still don't know how to finish this sentence.
    Good luck.