January 7, 2010

It's really cold in Winnipeg right now. For some reason I'm still riding my bicycle to work like an idiot. Apparently there are a lot of us out there, says the disgruntled writer of this letter to the editor:

Take the bus

Driving a motor vehicle on the winter streets of Winnipeg requires patience, attention and careful consideration of current road conditions. I take driving seriously and when other motorized vehicles are impatient, attention-deficient and careless to current road conditions, it puts many of us at risk (including pedestrians).

I don't take the bus too often, but I did today. I could not believe the amount of bikes on the road. I want to applaud the bus driver (route 44) and how he was able to manoeuvre in and out of the lane for a cyclist who seemed to be on another planet. I just cannot understand why someone would want to ride their bike on snow-packed streets? Is it really worth it? My advice -- take the bus -- and hats off to Winnipeg Transit!

Stephen Sutherland

Thankfully, the following day the man I know as the CMU's former computer science prof responds:

Winter riding is fun

Stephen Sutherland in his letter Take the bus (Jan. 5) says: "I just cannot understand why someone would want to ride their bike on snow-packed streets."

Most people can only imagine biking as a summer activity. I bicycle to work year-round and often get asked about riding in winter. I answer by asking if they know anyone who cross-country skis, because it's very similar. I'm outside, dressed appropriately and exercising on packed snow -- it's very enjoyable.

On top of the enjoyment, I pollute less, save money, get to work faster than the bus, get daily exercise and I'm warmer than I would be walking to a cold bus shelter to wait. Given the option of riding my bike to work, why would I want to ride the bus?

Stuart Williams

AHA! Take that! But seriously for a moment: as much as I like it imagine that I'm "on another planet" when I ride my bike, it's impossible to ignore the fact that it's really, really cold. Segue!
Apart from lots of hot drinks, wool socks and long johns, I've been keeping warm with a new album I've had the opportunity to review: Tara Jane O'Neil's fifth album, a ways away (K Records). It came out in 2009, and I probably should have got to it sooner, but ...you know. It's the perfect antidote for cold feet and a runny nose: an album of lullabies crammed full of reverb. Please do yourself a favour and listen to her song "Drowning" on myspace.

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