September 18, 2009

the modern prometheus

The Immanent Frame has just posted an interview with Terry Eagleton.
Music critic Carl Wilson weighs in on the Polaris Prize and the Canadian music scene more generally.
Everybody seems to be going ape-shit over Wednesday's announcement of a Pavement reunion, but I almost feel a bit disappointed. They're probably my favourite band, but I'm just so sick of reunion tours that its been difficult to celebrate. I've always thought Malkmus wouldn't fall into that trap, but the band's status (much like the Pixies, who reunited back in 2004 and, in contrast, toured through cities as neglected as Winnipeg) has ballooned since indie culture carved out a mainstream niche. The Pixies milked their recent surge in popularity, so why not Pavement?
I'm currently reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein for an honours course in Victorian literature and trying to decide whether to focus on Renaissance or Victorian literature as I prepare to apply for graduate studies in English. Decisions, decisions.

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