August 13, 2009

fancy footwork

...more Stylus reviews by yours truly:
...and my favourite summer album of 2009 (so far):
  • Person to Person - Foreign Born (out now on Secretly Canadian)
Below this paragraph I've posted the video for "Winter Games," Person to Person's most accessible and anthemic number, which falls somewhere in between the Arcade Fire, the Walkmen and Vampire Weekend, where new wave bass lines meet third wave rhythm. On this track, as with most of Person to Person, a diverse smattering of percussion nearly overtakes the rest of the song (like a tropical storm, whose waves threaten to capsize your rich friend's yacht); the propulsion it provides keeps these familiar melodies from turning into lullabies. "Winter Games" is almost too carefree, too easy, which in my mind is its greatest strength. The descending chorus is so relaxing and so natural that it almost whitewashes a summer that's been far from ideal: like those few pristine moments of sunshine we sampled back in July can last forever. Instead, we've rarely had a decent stretch without rain, and its been so muggy out that my bikeride to work leaves me soaked with sweat from head to toe. Winter hasn't felt nearly as distant as it should.

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