April 7, 2009

recommended listening:

Micachu and the Shapes have already been talked up and down by members of Grizzly Bear and Owen Pallet (a.k.a. Final Fantasy), but now I’m afraid I have to follow suit and confess that Jewellery is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in ages. It’s spastic, unpretentious DIY pop, that’s excessively catchy and dysfunctional all at once. You can stream the whole album completely free right HERE. Come on. Only a fool would bypass that link.
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Meanwhile, Begon Dull Care, the third full-length by Hamilton natives, the Junior Boys, is another fairly consistent slice of hyper-sensual electro-pop. Besides my annoyance at audience members who kept chanting for “In the Morning” (you can’t seriously think they’re not going to play their biggest single?!), I had a fine time; though the live drum-kit threw off a friend of mine. "Hazel" is certainly a punchy single, but, as first impressions go, "Work" is probably my favorite: nearly 7 minutes of grueling foreplay without any release. Actually, most of the album follows suit. Quite a contrast to So This Is Goodbye. In other words, it's good music for my bike ride to work.

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  1. Good call on the Micachu. It's like Wavvves but actually good. And yes, the drums sucked.